Cool Things You See On Lexington

When traveling down Lexington avenue New York City there is always so mlex-taxiuch going on at one time. Car driving by. People walking by. Horns. And then just the sound of commotion. It’s a busy street that is always alive and breathing. If you pay close attention you can see a lot of really neat things on Lexington avenue.

Whether you’re out shopping, or you’re just our for an afternoon lunch, it will always be an entertaining journey¬†when walking down Lexington avenue. It’s one of the streets in New York City that always has sights to see. So as you’re walking keep your eyes peeled, so you don’t miss a thing. ¬†You’ll definitely see things that will be on the news.

A few things you may see frequently when walking down Lexington:

Taxi cabs – there are always plenty of these yellow buggers flying around the avenue. If you’re not careful you might get to know one very closely. When you look into the street it just looks like a street of yellow bumble bees flying around New York City.

Buses – one of the things you notice a lot of in the area are buses. There’s always sightseeing trips, and large groups of people moving in transportation down Lexington. Whether it be a city bus, a Long Island party bus, and if you pay close attention you’ll see a trolley. All you have to do is stand on Lexington and look out into the street for as little as 20 minutes and you’re bound to see one pass.

Extraordinary People – “Lex” is known for its diverse group of people that flow through the area on a daily basis. You’ll see people with colored hair, fancy hats, funky clothes, piercings everywhere, and once in a while u get your streaker :)

So while hanging out on Lexington make sure to keep an eye out because you’ll be more entertaining than if you went to the cinema. Always cool stuff going on, on good ‘ol Lex. Remember to bring your camera as you’re going to want to snap many pictures, and possibly video, of the interesting things you will see my strong along.

fancy-hotelOne of the really nice things about the people down there is that they all seem to be very friendly. So if you ever need directions don’t hesitate to stop and meet a new friend. You meet all walks of life, you’re bound to have a great time.

So take my word for it head down and spend the day strolling down the best avenue in new york city. Winter, summer, spring or fall it really doesn’t matter, Lex will show you a good time. And after you’re done sightseeing grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants that you will find there. As it gets late, if you’re tired of walking there are many fancy hotels you can crash in for the night.

Remember the cool things you’ll see out there, but this is just a short list of the top of my head.