Hotels On Lexington Avenue?

wlexingtonOne of the things that Lexington Avenue has a lot of is hotels.  You’ll never worry about finding a place to stay on good old Lex.  You’ll find a whole slew of hotels, ranging from your everyday places to your upscale fancy smancy hotels.

  1. New York Marriott East Side – 4 star hotel located at 525 Lexington Ave, New York.  If you’re looking for a modern hotel, with upscale accommodations then this is a great hotel at a great price.
  2. W New York – Beautiful 4 star hotel located at 1567 Broadway, New York.  Right in the heart of Times Square.  If you’re looking for a nice trendy hotel, then this is your place.
  3. The Benjamin – Another great 4 star hotel located at 125 E 50th St, New York.  This hotel is only a few blocks from Rockefeller Center, and about 7 from Grand Central Station.  It’s a 1927 Romanesque Revival landmark, very cool hotel.  You always see limos and fancy cars outside of this hotel, so that must tell you something.
  4. The Kimberly Hotel – 4 star hotel located at 145 E 50th St, New York.  Upscale rooms and a beautiful marble lobby, along with a great rooftop restaurant.
  5. The Court – A St Giles Premier Hotel – 4 star chic hotel located at 130 E 39th St, New York.  People love it for it’s minimalist style rooms.  It’s also well known for it’s trendy cocktail bar, which always seems to be packed no matter what time of day you visit.

These are just a handful of the hotels that sit on Lexington Avenue.  There are many more ranging from 2 star hotels, all the way up to 4 and 5.  Lexington Avenue is really a pretty cool avenue as it stretches through many different parts of New York City… and not matter where you are, if you need hotel accommodations you can definitely find them there.