How To See Lexington Avenue

Lexington Avenue is a avenue on the east side of New York City.  Most of the locals in Manhattan refer to it as “Lex”.  It’s a popular avenue with many site seeing attractions.  A great way to see Lexington avenue is in a limousine.  Roll the windows down, open the moon roof, turn up the tunes and cruise NYC in style.

Lexington Avenue stretches a little over 5 miles, and crosses with 110 New York City blocks, so book yourself a limo with and grab some friends and site see VIP style.  Start off on the Lex on the Upper East Side of the city.  If you’re an art fan, make a pit stop over at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art.  It’s quite an attraction, being the largest museum in the entire United States.  There’s over 2 million pieces housed inside the museum, so be ready to be impressed.

Museum Time

estateHead out of the museum and grab a bite to eat.  There are many great restaurants in the immediate area, so have your chauffeur recommend something and fill your belly for the rest of your journey up Lexington Avenue.  After you’ve stuffed your face, head out and take a cruise through Midtown Manhattan.

Pull up to the infamous Empire State Building.  It’s one of New York Cities main attractions.  It scrapes the sky at an amazing 102 stories.  It used to hold the record as the tallest building in the United States, but now sits as the 4th tallest sky scraper in the USA.  If you haven’t visited the building, it’s definitely a site to see.

Carnegie Hill

After visiting Midtown jump back in your ride and head over to Carnegie Hill, a really nice area of the city.  It was given it’s name because of the mansion that Andrew Carnegie built in 1901.  If you’re still on your museum high, you can go inside the mansion because it’s now a branch of the Smithsonian Institute, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Now it’s time to get some fresh air.  Have your driver head over to Murray Hill, which is home to the beautiful Bryant Park.  The park stands strong at a little over 9.5 acres.  It’s actually built over an underground structure that houses all the archives for the New York State Public Library.  If it’s warm out, head over to the Great Lawn and put your feet on the green grass an soak up the magnificence of nature.

Grab a snack at the table and seating area that was set up in 2008.  Pick yourself up a cold drink and lounge under one of the umbrellas and just people watch.. one of my favorite past times.  Talk about a diverse group of people that move about New York City, it’s much more interesting than watching the boob tube.

Head Over To Harlem

To close out your memorable day, take a drive over to Harlem.  If you’re in Harlem you have to check out the Apollo Theater, just like the other 1.3 million per year do.  Many famous people have performed at the Apollo such as Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Pattie LaBelle, Aretha Franklin and many other greats.

Lexington Avenue has many amazing sites to see, so if you’re looking for a fun outing in New York City take a cruise down Lex.  It will be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life :)